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Class #6 - November 19. 2017

posted Nov 23, 2017, 2:47 PM by Parshu Ananth   [ updated Sep 23, 2018, 9:09 AM by Siva Kumar Puram ]
What is a Guru?  
Not every teacher becomes a Guru.  Guru is one who removes darkness.  

What is darkness?
Absence of light / Ignorance / Fear

What are the good qualities we can learn by being observant?

What are the bad qualities we can avoid by observing around us?

Earth - Tolerance, Focus, Patience, Giving

Air - Live in the world, unaffected by the dualities of life like joy and sorrow and by the objects of the senses.

Pigeon - Don't let your happiness be determined by objects.  Love your siblings, love your parents, love your friends, but maintain a sense of detachment.

Sea - Water on the surface may be disturbed, but underneath the water is still calm.  What ca we learn from this?  Don't give the key to your happiness and emotions to others.

Ant - Don't collect material things beyond your needs which will attract jealousy and thieves.  Be a tireless worker, don't be discouraged by any number of obstacles and setbacks.

Fish - The fish greedily swallows bait and is at once caught by the angle-hook.  From this I realized how man meets his destruction by his craving for delicious food.  Positive feature in fish: It never leaves its home i.e the water.  So too, man should never lose sight of his true self, but should ever have his being in it.

Arrow-maker - Concentration